Musing on Twitter monetization strategies…

Posted by bkloss | Business Models | Sunday 8 February 2009 6:25 am
The last few years have proved this bird can fly .  But can Twitter
dodge arrows?  Only time will tell.

I’ve been on Twitter for a few years now but it’s never managed to capture my full attention.  What has been taking up my attention is reading the seemingly never ending stream of recent posts where everyone knows the  best way to monetize Twitter .  One idea that’s been bandied about is the potential to leverage their mass amount of personal data as a monetization strategy through targeted adserving or third party partnerships. Yes, sites like Twitter and Facebook probably have more data about us than our own mothers but their ability to turn this data into dollars is hampered by three factors:


Youtube Cashes in on Rampant Piracy

Posted by bkloss | YouTube | Monday 26 January 2009 1:54 am

Googlezon unite!!

Rumors of a Google – Amazon mp3 partnership surfaced mid last year (Googlezon! ).  Apparently, the relationship was cemented because Youtube now serves its visitors offers to buy Amazon mp3s related to the content they are viewing.  Let me be clear, you should read ‘related to the content’ in the previous sentence to mean the exact same content you are viewing.  To put it bluntly, YouTube is making a pitch for you to buy the song you’re listening to, the song that someone illegally uploaded.