GeoSpatial Analytics Gallary

Posted by bkloss | Geospatial Analytics | Monday 1 December 2008 6:54 pm

One of the most difficult, yet rewarding, parts of my job is communicating complex analysis results in a compelling, intuitive manner.   Often times, numbers are not enough.  Instead, you need a visual representation to hammer home your main points and insights to upper level stakeholders.

GeoSpatial analytics is on a meteoric rise because of its ability to do just that. Look no further than the flashy touch screen maps used by CNN during the election to convey numeric data in a sticky fashion.

Please enjoy a gallery of my most recent visualizations below.   Feel free to ask questions if you would like to know how any of these maps were produced. (click any image to see a slideshow).

Tools Used

ArcGIS, SAS/Base, Excel, SAS Bridge