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Posted by bkloss | Geospatial Analytics | Monday 1 December 2008 6:54 pm

One of the most difficult, yet rewarding, parts of my job is communicating complex analysis results in a compelling, intuitive manner.   Often times, numbers are not enough.  Instead, you need a visual representation to hammer home your main points and insights to upper level stakeholders.

GeoSpatial analytics is on a meteoric rise because of its ability to do just that. Look no further than the flashy touch screen maps used by CNN during the election to convey numeric data in a sticky fashion.

Please enjoy a gallery of my most recent visualizations below.   Feel free to ask questions if you would like to know how any of these maps were produced. (click any image to see a slideshow).

Tools Used

ArcGIS, SAS/Base, Excel, SAS Bridge

Geospatial Analytics Tip: Excel Joins with ArcGIS

Posted by bkloss | Geospatial Analytics | Monday 22 September 2008 6:00 pm

Geospatial analysis is becoming more and more prevalent in the field of analytics.  Maps are invaluable for visualization and trend discovery.  Perhaps more importantly they can bring an instant WOW factor to your next report or presentation.

This article provides a brief tutorial on how to join excel data to a map using ArcGIS, then display the results in a stimulating manner.

Ask yourself, what looks better…

boring excel table finished map