Understanding and combating list churn and list fatigue

Posted by bkloss | Email Marketing | Wednesday 19 March 2008 3:44 pm

The two demons of list growth: List Churn and List fatigue

List churn and list fatigue are two terms that describe the act of loosing mailing list subscribers. The first, list churn is the physical act of loosing a subscriber to an unsubscribe, hard bounce (list removal) or spam complaint. The second, list fatigue is the act of loosing a subscriber’s interest. This, the more diabolical demon occurs when subscribers have lost all interest in your email comunications. No opens, no clicks so, these inactive subs are just adding fluff.

Email marketers will often forget to factor in these two phenomenon when projecting list growth. You tell your boss that you need X dollars to add 10,000 subscribers to your list, he allocates the funds and you gain that 10,000. Unfortunately, you’ve lost 1,500 to list churn and 3,000 to list fatigue during that time so your net gain is only 5,500.

The boss…

Is not happy!


Sorting Newsletter Subscribers by Email Client in Excel

Posted by bkloss | Analytics,Email Marketing | Thursday 17 January 2008 5:43 am

I find myself sorting lists of email subscribers every day. A unique situation occurs when I need to sort a list by email client located after the @ in the email address. You can use a combination of the mid and find functions in excel to pull out the client email string.


Email Marketing Best Practices: Embedding Links into Emails

Posted by bkloss | Email Marketing | Saturday 12 January 2008 8:16 pm

Email deliverability is a slippery slope. One such tricky issue concerns the use of bare or masked links in broadcast emails. Many claim that some browsers will break masked links. Other marketers claim that you must use the bare URL for subscribers who do not receive HTML emails.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I want to set the record straight about embedding links in HTML emails.

The BEST/ONLY way you should link in a bulk email is to use anchor text. Never expose a naked link to the recipient when using a third party sender such as Aweber or Email Labs to send bulk email.