SAS Resume Tools

Posted by bkloss | Data Visualisation,SAS | Wednesday 4 February 2009 10:00 pm

Although you may consider yourself an Analyst, during your job search you need to think like a salesman . Every interaction with a prospective employer is a golden opportunity to sell yourself. Submitting a resume is equivalent to cold calling a client so stick your foot in the door by connecting quickly with the hiring manager. At a glance, this person needs to see what they’re looking for or else your resume will hit the bottom of the pile, or worse, the paper shredder.

The simple tools provided below turn any SAS Job resume into a targeted sales weapon. The first visualization displays the words that occur most commonly among 450 SAS job postings from and . Make sure you address each of these terms appropriately in your resume and personal statement. The bigger the word, the more commonly it was used- act accordingly. If you want to drill down even further, click on the layout drop down to increase the maximum number of terms shown.

These Visualizations work best in Fire Fox    ————-      Make sure to have Java enabled


Many Eyes – Data Visualisation for the Masses!

Posted by bkloss | Data Visualisation | Wednesday 24 September 2008 4:33 am

Does your analytics resume target these areas?

Analytics Job Posting Wordle

 * A Many Eyes Wordle of the text from 15 analytics jobs postings on Career Builder

We, the analytics practitioners of America, used to think we were something pretty special. We create flashy visualizations, We have the sophisticated tools and understanding.  Data mining and analytics is too arcane, too state-of-the-art for Joe blow six-pack.Not any more folks and frankly I’m glad.  Now anyone can whip up a sexy visualizations with little to no analytics know how. (more…)