Are YOU a Predictably Irrational Analyst?

Posted by bkloss | Analytics,YouTube | Saturday 21 February 2009 2:31 am

Let’s begin the conversation with a little attention test.  Please count the number of passes the white team makes in the video below.



Attending the Institute for Advanced Analytics

Posted by bkloss | Analytics | Thursday 6 March 2008 6:27 am

Hi readers,

I’ve decided to further my studies in analytics by attending the Institute for Advanced Analytics at N.C. State University. I hope that this will enrich my understanding of the analytics field and accordingly, improve the content and perspective presented here at the Iteration Station.

The Institute is in its infancy with the first graduation class of 23 finishing their second term this spring. The class is made up of a variety of students who have generally been out of college and working professionally for several years. The first year students brought diversified and distinguished backgrounds to the institute, many of whom having already completed a secondary degree. At the age of 24, I may be the youngest in my class when we commence in July. Although young, the program is sponsored by the SAS corporation, an established, world-wide leader in the field of business intelligence.

The ten month program begins in July and spans a variety of topics including:

  • Optimization
  • Time Series and Forecasting
  • Data Mining
  • Customer Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • And of course… WEB ANALYTICS!

The program centers around real world experience so studies include term practicums where teams of students have the opportunity to partner with sponsored companies to advance ongoing projects. Companies interested in getting involved with the university should request more information at their site.

Interested in applying? Check out information for prospective students.

I believe that this is the best program in the nation for those who are interested in advancing their understanding of the analytics field. I can’t wait to get started in July!

Sorting Newsletter Subscribers by Email Client in Excel

Posted by bkloss | Analytics,Email Marketing | Thursday 17 January 2008 5:43 am

I find myself sorting lists of email subscribers every day. A unique situation occurs when I need to sort a list by email client located after the @ in the email address. You can use a combination of the mid and find functions in excel to pull out the client email string.