Youtube Cashes in on Rampant Piracy

Posted by bkloss | YouTube | Monday 26 January 2009 1:54 am

Googlezon unite!!

Rumors of a Google – Amazon mp3 partnership surfaced mid last year (Googlezon! ).  Apparently, the relationship was cemented because Youtube now serves its visitors offers to buy Amazon mp3s related to the content they are viewing.  Let me be clear, you should read ‘related to the content’ in the previous sentence to mean the exact same content you are viewing.  To put it bluntly, YouTube is making a pitch for you to buy the song you’re listening to, the song that someone illegally uploaded.


Sorting Data in SAS with Proc Sort

Posted by bkloss | SAS | Sunday 18 January 2009 7:54 pm

The SAS Sort Procedure

Sorting data in SAS is an everyday task accomplished for a variety of reasons.

    1. Certain types of reports require that data be presorted to present results accurately.
    2. Programs that include a where statement can execute more quickly on a sorted data set.
    3. Unlike SQL, SAS requires data sets to be sorted by a common variable before a join operation can occur.

      These examples are just a few situations where a presorted data set is necessary or essential.  Luckily, PROC SORT is a relatively simple procedure.  The Basic Syntax is below:

      Proc Sort data =<data set>;

      By <variable-1 … variable-n>;

      Run ;