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Posted by bkloss | Data Visualisation | Wednesday 24 September 2008 4:33 am

Does your analytics resume target these areas?

Analytics Job Posting Wordle

 * A Many Eyes Wordle of the text from 15 analytics jobs postings on Career Builder

We, the analytics practitioners of America, used to think we were something pretty special. We create flashy visualizations, We have the sophisticated tools and understanding.  Data mining and analytics is too arcane, too state-of-the-art for Joe blow six-pack.Not any more folks and frankly I’m glad.  Now anyone can whip up a sexy visualizations with little to no analytics know how.

Many Eyes

Many eyes is the brain child of IBM’s Collaborative User Experience Group.  According to the group, Many eyes is an attempt to democratize social visualization of data.  As analysts we understand that a picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when dealing with complicated data-sets.  I applaud many eyes for releasing this user friendly platform of discovery.Go to Many Eyes to create an account, upload some data, then have at it with a wide array of hosted visualization tools.Their menu includes such visualizations as…See the world

World map
Country maps

Track rises and falls over time

Line graph
Stack graph
Stack Graph for Categories

Compare a set of values

Bar chart
Block histogram
Bubble chart
Matrix chart

See relationships among data points

Network Diagram

See the parts of a whole

Pie chart
Change Treemap

Look for common words in a text

Tag Cloud
Word Tree

Not too bad if you ask me!Almost every visualization is interactive allowing the user to drill-down for certain phrases, map areas or segments.  Further, there is a strong social networking component that allows the user to share his creations with other Many Eyes users.Although analytics practitioners have more sophisticated tools at their disposal, I’ll be reaching for Many Eyes quite often because it’s so darn fun and easy.Feel free to leave a link to your homespun creations as a comment.

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