Many Eyes – Data Visualisation for the Masses!

Posted by bkloss | Data Visualisation | Wednesday 24 September 2008 4:33 am

Does your analytics resume target these areas?

Analytics Job Posting Wordle

 * A Many Eyes Wordle of the text from 15 analytics jobs postings on Career Builder

We, the analytics practitioners of America, used to think we were something pretty special. We create flashy visualizations, We have the sophisticated tools and understanding.  Data mining and analytics is too arcane, too state-of-the-art for Joe blow six-pack.Not any more folks and frankly I’m glad.  Now anyone can whip up a sexy visualizations with little to no analytics know how. (more…)

Geospatial Analytics Tip: Excel Joins with ArcGIS

Posted by bkloss | Geospatial Analytics | Monday 22 September 2008 6:00 pm

Geospatial analysis is becoming more and more prevalent in the field of analytics.  Maps are invaluable for visualization and trend discovery.  Perhaps more importantly they can bring an instant WOW factor to your next report or presentation.

This article provides a brief tutorial on how to join excel data to a map using ArcGIS, then display the results in a stimulating manner.

Ask yourself, what looks better…

boring excel table finished map


Base SAS Certification after two months?

Posted by bkloss | SAS | Friday 5 September 2008 5:04 am

Yes, it can be done.

I passed the Base SAS Certification after only 2 months working with the tool.

That being said, I truly crammed my bum off to make the grade.

I can’t blame SAS for creating a tough exam because the benefits of certification are clear.  This is what SAS has to say about obtaining certification…