Google updates Page Rank: Iteration Station debues at PR3

Posted by bkloss | SEO | Friday 29 February 2008 11:16 pm

Hey Folks,

Just a quick update…

Google begun updating its pagerank information some time early this week. They are also updating sites backlink information. So, check out your web properties to see if you’ve been given a green bar boost. This is the first PR cycle that has been around for and we debued at a PR 3- not too bad :) . This will be old data, likely from the end of January, so if you’ve done a big SEO campaign over the last month it won’t likely be reflected yet in your bar.

Remember, although pagerank does provide some indication of search engine rankings, it is by no means the definitive factor in serp placement. It is fun to see that green bar on the rise though, and for those who have an inkling of what it is, a high pagerank provides social proof that your site has value.

If you don’t know how to see your pagerank, you can download the Google Toolbar.

Email Authentication Part One: Introduction

Posted by bkloss | Email Deliverabilty | Friday 22 February 2008 9:44 pm

A common misconception exists about email deliverability. When asked why an email is blocked or junked, many people will respond that the content of the email was considered spammy. Although spam filters do block and bulk email, for content that uses words common to spam, email authentication factors into an ISPs decision to deliver mail. ZDNet defines email authentication as:

“The verification that an e-mail message has been sent by the domain name in the From field. Called “domain spoofing,” spammers falsify the From address in their messages in order not to be identified. SPF Classic, Sender ID and DomainKeys are authentication methods that are expected to proliferate. They all rely on DNS records, either to obtain sending mail server addresses or public keys for decrypting a digital signature. See Sender ID, DomainKeys and SPF.”

Confused yet?


Shared vs. dedicated IP: don’t let unscrupulous senders slander your reputation.

Posted by bkloss | Email Deliverabilty | Friday 8 February 2008 12:29 am

You’re a good email marketer aren’t you?

Why yes, I use double opt-in, white-listing, permission based sending and a host of other best practices yet I’m still being blocked by some ISPs.

What you may not know is, regardless of all these tactics, unscrupulous senders can besmirch your good name effecting your relationship with ISPs.


Google releases Urchin Beta – 3 months free!

Posted by bkloss | Google Analytics | Saturday 2 February 2008 4:31 am

Today the Google Analytics blog announced the release of it’s Urchin software beta to the public. Urchin offers a three month trial free of charge to evaluate this installable analytics product hosted on your own server. Google cautions users against using the trial with production on sites. They do state that once Urchin is brought out of beta, it can be purchased for 2995$ from a Google Authorized consultant.

Take a gander at the new flash supported interface: